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2007 our first Tosa female Itokeki Ni (Freya) from kennel Octopus in the Netherlands came to us. It was like a dream come true. She's exactly like written in the breed standard and she makes me after all these precious years together even more proud every day.

2008 I started to dream about breeding and I imported some other dogs from Europe (Vega Tatsu Trains Domain De Wotan, Asscan Aschabey)

2012 we had our first own litter (Octopus Itokeki Ni x Asscan Aschabey)

Tosa is my passion and breeding only a little hobby to keep the good lines going on. Our dogs live together with us in the house and follow us on every step. Our life is all about the dogs. They work with us in our foster care home for children who can't stay with they're own parents. Tosa is the only breed who's making this possible for me to work with dogs and children at the same time. That's because of the kindness towards people and especially towards children.

My vision is to keep Tosa like it's written in the breed standard. It's like a bible for me. Healthy, strong and beautiful dogs with the true spirit. This is nowadays hard to find in Europe. My dream is to give Tosa a good reputation among people in Finland. This breed is not aggressive to people and I want to keep it out of bad light in the media. We want to make only high quality in the breeding program. Only the best dogs are good enough to be taken into the breeding program.

We have only a litter if we can make sure that there is something outstanding coming out. We don't want to do things that have been done to much already. We are working on our own lines and we're putting very much effort into our breeding program. Sometimes it means lots of work and spending lots of money but not to see any results for many years. Knowledge is something that comes out of experience during the years. I consider myself to be willing to learn a lifetime long. We're never good enough nor have never learned enough. That's what makes life so wonderful! Thank's to this breed I've got plenty of friends all over the world. Some of them are going to stay. But we learn from each other all the time.

Working together with other breeders is beautiful. Everyone can have it's own opinion and dreams they're working on but sharing is powerful and it gives more than it takes.

Very special thanks goes to my friends Anita Sluyp, Ewelina kennel Mazurski Samuraj and Horia Niculescu from Coloss Tosa. Luv ya!

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